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You can now pay for your Internet Services On-line through Beldar's CornerMarket.  Your purchases are guaranteed secure through our Secure Shopping Cart system, We have implemented strong security for our Web site. You can feel comfortable passing sensitive credit card information and any other personal information to Beldar's CornerMarket.  Are you late on a service payment? Do you want to take advantage of a Beldar sale before it ends? Then make your payment today and feel secure doing it.
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Beldar Internet Access - Semi-Annual - $105.90
Beldar Internet Access - Quarterly - $56.85
Beldar Internet Access - Monthly - $19.95
Beldar Internet Domain Hosting - Monthly - $9.95
Beldar Internet Domain Hosting - Quarterly - $29.85
Beldar Internet Basic WEB Hosting - Monthly - $19.95
Beldar Internet Basic WEB Hosting - Quarterly - $59.85
Beldar Internet Email Only - Quarterly - $15.00
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